Text classification API

The (RESTful) API is available at the URL https://www.textclassify.com/api and has the following GET/POST parameters.

Mandatory parameters

Result format: 'html' or 'json'
Your API key
The ID of the classifier to use (integer)
The text to classify UTF8-encoded
Optional parameters
biased (Bayesian classifiers only)
Set this parameter to any value if you want biased results. Otherwise leave it out. Use unbiased results if the class distribution for training was not natural or if a wrong result for the most probable class is worse than a wrong result for a less probable class (example: false positives for spam). If you are unsure, use unbiased results.
error (string)
The error message - if an error occured. Otherwise empty.
class (string)
The most probable class for the text
probability (float, Bayesian classifiers only)
The calculated probability that the text is in the class in percent. If you do not need a decision for every text, you can improve the precision of your classifier by only accepting results with a probability above a certain treshold - for example 90%.
callsleft (integer)
The number of API calls left
biased (bool, Bayesian classifiers only)
Specifies if the classification was biased (True or False)

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