Classifier details

Basic data
Classifier ID126
TypeNeural Network
TitleCategory (website startpages, german)
DescriptionThis classifier has been trained with the visible text of website start pages (including page title and link texts) classified by the category of the website.
Created2014-10-23 17:33:42 MET
Distinct texts58784
Precision 86.2582% (sample standard deviation: 0.340512%)
Precision has been measured with 10-fold cross-validation

Training class distribution

Precision per class

Class Precision % of mistakes
Gesundheit 92.2986% 9.59396%
Computer 87.6524% 13.8401%
Sport 87.0478% 16.254%
Kultur 86.327% 19.5593%
Online-Shops 82.4242% 15.3132%
Freizeit 79.978% 25.4395%

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